How To Be More Creative

  1. Never give up by saying “We tried that before”. Examine how you can do the same thing but differently. You’ll be amazed what comes out
  2. Do not pass over an idea because you’ve never done it before. Often than not, that’s the idea you’re looking for
  3. Keep an open & flexible mind. No idea is closed to one
  4. Watch out for yourself saying “It works now, so why change?”. Change brings about growth & growth makes more things work
  5. Ask questions. Ask lots of right probing questions to obtain the right outcomes. Ask “Why not?” & “What if …?”. That way, you won’t be among your competitors who will be “outgoing”
  6. Seize every opportunity to try out a new idea. Never mind if you fail. Learn to fail. In fact fail faster so that success will come sooner!
  7. Listen, look & observe things, people, sound, smells, taste around you. Pay attention to details & apparently trivia things
  8. Listen to the sound of music & imagine you’re Julie Andrews. Let your heels come alive! Learn tap dancing, jazz, hip hop. Feel great & alive
  9. Rewind your mind to a time when you had to go through a change. Play it forward & see what caused that change & how you felt. Record particularly all the little successes
  10. Smell the flowers on your way to work or on holidays
  11. Taste something you’ve not eaten before
  12. Feel the texture of a fruit like strawberry & then bite into it. Fall in love with it at first bite
  13. Catch a stand up comedy. Stand up & laugh like you’ve never laughed before. Come out with witty jokes
  14. Join a laughter club. Laughter is the best medicine. When you laugh your body releases a hormone called endorphins which make you feel real goooood
  15. Imagine yourself in someone else shoes. Indulge in your favorite fantasies – imagine you are a pop star or a famous magician or an astronaut or an explorer. How about being a trapeze artist?
  16. Look at old problems with new eyes. Put on brand new “glasses”
  17. Talk to someone who is not related to your line of work for a “fresh eye” or new & different perspective
  18. Rearrange the furniture. Redecorate your home. Make connections between ideas, things, people etc
  19. Get out of your comfort zone. Do something that you normally will not do. Reverse the order of things you normally do eg instead of watching TV at 6 pm do something else. Instead of playing sports, try dancing. Take a different route to work. Try rock climbing or bungee jumping. Join a creative club. What about learning to juggle?
  20. Turn the tables on the mundane. Look for different activities in your life eg change the design or arrangement in your bedroom, sitting room or kitchen. Take up a cooking or baking course. Paint your home in unusual or bright cheerful colors
  21. Let the child in you come out. Be a child again – walk in the rain, build sand castles on the beach, paint, draw anything you like, go for fun tours, play with your pet, take a walk in nature
  22. Paint your dream in bright vivid colors. Add your favorite music. Picture your loved ones there with you. Collect & cut out pictures that represent your goals & create a vision board
  23. Close eyes & imagine. Let your imagination soar. Put wings to elephants, scales to birds, legs to trees & cars with square wheels
  24. Have your quiet time where you can reflect & be at peace with yourself. Listen to baroque music, go for walks in the park or by the seaside, picnic by the waterfall, meditate. Try yoga, taichi or qigong

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