What Is Time To You? To All Of Us?

Everyone knows that the time we have on this earth is limited & finite. Everyone understands that time is life & life is time. Yet most people tend to waste time, to live carelessly & to drift along aimlessly. This trend is even more obvious especially among the younger age groups.

There are so many clichés about time…

“Time flies! Oh mine….where did my time disappear to?”

“I need more time. I do not have enough hours in a day!”

“I seems to get busier & busier yet I still cannot finish my work?”

“Just give me more time…I just a few more hours…that’s all”

“If only I could turn back the clock! I wish…I wish…”

“There are so many things I want to do but I just don’t have enough time!”

“Yes, yes. I want to join you all…I want to go…but maybe another day”

And the favorite or ‘mother’ of all time management phrase…

“Busy! Very busy! Just so busy! I can’t even answer you, I am just so busy!”.

Sounds familiar? At one time or another, we would have utter any of the above phrase whether consciously or unconsciously.

Yet all of us whether a billionaire, a Prime Minister, Chairman of a multinational corporation, a top notch actor in a blockbuster film, a housewife, an engineer, a factory worker, a road sweeper or a beggar down the road – all of us are given 24 hours a day every day.

What do we do with these 24 hours a day?? How do we want to spend them? How should we use the time given to us so that there are no regrets at the end of life’s journey? Where do we even start? How do we even begin to plan using our time to achieve our goals & to live the life we desire to?

If you want to tame, master & manage time, download complete article here.

In future articles we will give you the A – Z of time management in a nutshell so stay posted with us.

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