What is Sweet Persuasion?

It is inducing someone to take action that will produce positive results for both of you.

Sweet Persuasion feels good. Successful salespeople now used Sweet Persuasion. It helps them to achieve their sales goals. It helps them enjoy what they are doing. Now successful managers can use Sweet Persuasion too.

What Do You Need To Become Successful?

You’ve got to believe

  • 100 % in yourself
  • 100% in your organization &
  • 100% in the product of your efforts

When You Go Out The Door In The Morning

  • Sell yourself
  • Sell your organization
  • Sell your ideas

You’ll never achieve greatness unless you are 100%

What Makes People Tick

Human nature is simple:
Most people spend the greater part of each day thinking about themselves
Most people want to get more of what they want or need

All people want more of these – recognition, money, love, satisfaction, security, health, beauty, peace of mind, joy, success, happiness etc

If you possess the ability to determine exactly what people want or need & are able to provide it they will give you what you want. You will achieve your goals. You will become a great manager.

You will achieve your goals when people perceive your vision & believe in your vision & it becomes their vision as well.

All of us have an invisible antennae. Every one is listening to the same radio station.

Download complete article here.

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