Peak Success Abundance (formerly known as Strategic Forum Expertise) was set up to spearhead the development of human resource in Malaysia and the region. As your partner in management development and applied learning, Peak Success Abundance has the expertise and capabilities to help you develop your intellectual capital and knowledge base, using the relevant learning solutions and processes i.e. through workshops, seminars, conferences and in-house / (on-site) customized training.

Peak Success Abundance aim to provide excellent quality training and learning solutions assisting clients to achieve lasting behavior change and work process improvements.

Peak Success Abundance’s vision and mission is reflected through its commitment to

  • be a vital training resource centre for personal and professional development
  • be a forum for all decision makers, managers and executives
  • assist companies meet the daily workplace challenges and issues
  • ensure high performance in a competency based workplace
  • ensure active involvement of human resource personnel in business practices
  • increase organizational performance and achieve competitive advantage

Our Expertise

  • Identifying training needs
  • Content development for industry related training
  • Customized learning solutions
  • In-house training
  • Public seminars and conferences
  • Conventions and event management
  • Human resource consultancy

For real return on your investment in learning, we help you:

  • ensure high performance in the workplace
  • increase managerial competencies
  • develop managerial & leadership skills and talent
  • increase your knowledge base
  • create behavioral change
  • align people issues with business strategies

Our emphasis is on action (experiential) learning where participants can put knowledge acquired to immediate use to gain a real competitive advantage.

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